Parking in Rovinj

Parking in Rovinj

Rovinj was not originally designed to be a tourist resort. It’s past, as a medieval fortress town, developing into a fishing port, means it was not designed for so many vehicles. We recommend a little pre-planning before you arrive, and we can help you if you wish.

Like most of the apartments near to the centre of town, Apartment Iris does not have a parking space available for guests. But don’t let that discourage you, we have a plan!

Parking Permit

This is where a little pre-planning is a good idea. Most of the parking spaces around Rovinj are controlled by the local council. Parking permits can be purchased from the office shown in the picture below which also gives you directions.


So, if you haven’t pre-planned, it’s not difficult to purchase tickets from this office. In this case, we suggest you park close to Apartment Iris at a meter, about 5 kuna should do it.


This will give you enough time to walk to the office and purchase a ticket for the length of your stay. The permit gives you the freedom to park at any meter, and even some car parks like the one here:


A permit also allows you to park your vehicle close to some of the more distant beaches. This is especially good if you like beaches with fewer people!


An easier alternative would be asking us to purchase your ticket before you arrive. This way, we can give it to you when you arrive at Apartment Iris, and everything is good! Just message us if this is what you prefer.

Rovinj ATM Cash Machines

Bank ATM Cash Machines - Locations in Rovinj

Rovinj ATM machines are widely spread across the town. After all, nobody wants you to run out of cash during your visit to Rovinj!

Rovinj Bank ATMs

Please be aware that although there are places which accept Euros, you would be well advised to have Kuna in your pocket.

Using ATMs is generally considered to be the best way of keeping your cash flow going. The transaction charges are not particularly cheap but the exchange rates are usually quite reasonable. So we suggest you don’t use them for small amounts and try to take enough to last you a couple of days at least.

Note: At some banks, the ATM is located inside the entrance. If you are visiting outside banking hours, you can gain entrance to the automatic door by swiping your credit/debit card in the sensor next to the door.

Bank ATM Machines – Locations

Zagrebacka banka d.d. Ul. Giordana Paliage 3, 52210, Rovinj
Hrvatska Postanska Banka Trg Piazza Valdibora, Ul. Giuseppea Garibaldija bb, 52210, Rovinj
Euronet ATM Ulica Giuseppea Garibaldija 9, 52210, Rovinj
Zagrebacka banka d.d. Carera ul. 21, 52210, Rovinj
Pbz Rovinj Carera ul. 49, 52210, Rovinj
OTP banka A. Negri 2, 52210, Rovinj
Zagrebacka banka d.d. LUJE ADAMOVI?A BB, 52210, Rovinj
OTP banka Ul. Stjepana Radi?a 9, 52210, Rovinj
Zagrebacka banka d.d. Ul. Marca della Pietra 1, 52210, Rovinj
Zagrebacka banka d.d. Ul. Marka Maruli?a 24, 52210, Rovinj
Euronet ATM Porton Biondi 1, 52210, Rovinj
Zagrebacka banka d.d. LUJE ADAMOVI?A BB, 52210, Rovinj
Erste banka – Filijala Rovinj 7, Trg Marsala Tita, 52210, Rovinj
Bankomat Raiffeisen Bank Trg brodogradilista, 52210, Rovinj
Hrvatska Postanska Banka Ul. Mattea Benussia 4, 52210, Rovinj
Euronet ATM Ul. Brace Bozic, 52210, Rovinj
Pbz Bankomat Fazanska ul. 15, 52210, Rovinj

Medical Care Rovinj

Medical Care - Rovinj

Hopefully, you will not need this information during your time in Rovinj!

Still, it’s best you know the information is here, just in case.

Pharmacy in Carera Street Rovinj

Medical care in Rovinj is generally handled through the Tourist Medical Centre and the Emergency Clinic can be contacted 24 hours a day.

Emergency Clinic Contact Details

Here are the contact details for the Emergency Clinic:

Tourist Medical Center

Istarska Street bb 52210, Rovinj

Telephone: +385 52 813 513

Treatment Costs

If your home country has an arrangement with Croatia, the cost for any tourist medical treatment will be paid directly by your home country and you will not have to pay anything yourself. It would be highly recommended that you check this before leaving for your vacation.

If no such arrangement exists, a price list is usually displayed and shows prices for a range of general procedures.

Treatment Centres & Pharmacies

DIC – Dental Implant Centre Matteo Benussi 5, 52210, Rovinj Dental Implant Centre Dental Clinic
Adriatic Dent Istarska ul. 18, 52210, Rovinj Dental Clinic Dental Clinic
H-Dent d.o.o. Ul. Andree Amorosa, 52210, Rovinj Dental Clinic Dental Clinic
Dr.Rigo Dental Clinic 10, Ul. Marca della Pietra, 52210, Rovinj Dental Clinic Dental Clinic
BOLNICA O I R Braze Brajkovi bb, 52210, Rovinj General Hospital Hospital
Health Centre Ul. Vijenac Braće Lorenzetto 4, 52210, Rovinj, Croatia Rovinj Health Centre Health Centre
Pharmacy ljekarna Carrera- Rovinj Carrera 22A, 52210, Rovinj Pharmacy Pharmacy
Farmacon Carera ul. 30, 52210, Rovinj Pharmacy Pharmacy
Piazza Lago Trg na lokvi 2, 52210, Rovinj Pharmacy Pharmacy
Pharmacy Ul. Mattea Benussia, 52210, Rovinj Open until 8:00 PM Pharmacy
Ljekarna Sv. Vid Istarska bb, 52210, Rovinj Pharmacy Pharmacy
Pharmacy ljekarna Valbruna-Rovinj Ul. Tina Ujevi?a 8, 52210, Rovinj Pharmacy Pharmacy

Rovinj History

Rovinj History

Very early Rovinj history is a little hazy but it is widely accepted that a settlement existed around the site of Saint Euphemias Church during the Roman occupation which ended mid-way through the 1st century.

The first written proof originates from an unknown writer from the 5th century who refers to ‘Castrum Rubini’.


Flag of the Republic of Venice Empire Total War.svg

Rovinj history has been very turbulent since its beginnings.

It wasn’t until the Venetians took control in 1283 that some stability existed, and under Venetian rule which lasted until 1797. The town then became an important fishing, maritime and shipbuilding centre.

Rovinj was originally an island, an area now called the Old Town, and remained an island until 1763 when a causeway was created and joined the island to the peninsular as the towns population increased.

The island was also fortified during Venetian rule with 2 walls and 7 gates being built to defend the island from the many pirates and marauders who threatened Rovinj throughout the centuries.

Balbi’s Arch still remains although it is not the original main arch which was demolished around 1678. You might say it is an old replica built during the term of Mayor Daniel Balbi and is a popular tourist landmark and entrance to the Old Town.

Space was limited on the original island which lead to the construction of narrow houses and streets punctuated by equally small squares. This has created the unique, romantic and very charming town, as many know today.

Rovinj History After the Venetians

Napoleon bonaparte

Following the fall of the Venetian republic, Rovinj fell under the rule of the Austrians. This was for a short time until Napoleon made his claim from 1809 to 1813.

The Austrians then took it back in 1813 and throughout the next 101 years, until 1914, Rovinj went through another phase of development including the building of cement production facilities, a tobacco factory, a hospital, and even a theatre.

Towards the end of this period, Rovinj was connected by railway and had gas and telephone installed in the town.

Italian Rule

Benito Mussolini e1516477456504 1

At the end of World War 1 (1914-18), Rovinj was claimed by the fascist government of Italy. It remained under Italy’s rule until the capitulation under the Germans. This lasted from 1943 to the end of the war in 1945.


As a province of Croatia, Istria became part of Yugoslavia in 1943. During this period, Rovinj started to develop a reputation for tourism throughout the world.

Recent Years

The tourist development was obviously interrupted by the war in 1991 but taken up again soon afterwards. Tourism is now the largest industry, both in Rovinj and Istria.

Rovinj History - more information...

You can find out more information about the interesting history of Rovinj by visiting Wikipedia here.