Rovinj Guide

Essential information about Rovinj before and during your visit.

When visiting anywhere, it’s good to know some background information about the area.
Our suggestion is that you take a look before your visit, and keep it handy on your mobile in case you need it during your vacation.

We will continually add to this page, but if you have any suggestions for additional information, please let us know.

Booking Apartment Iris

We try to make booking our apartment as simple as possible and to give you choices of how you make your booking.
You have the following choices:

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You can navigate to the month or year by simply using the arrows at the top of this calendar.
If the period for your holiday is available, please get in touch as quickly as possible. Rovinj is a popular resort and places do get booked rather quickly.
If your period is not available and you would like to go on our cancellation list, please let us know, we are happy to assist.

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