Medical Care Rovinj

Medical Care - Rovinj

Hopefully, you will not need this information during your time in Rovinj!

Still, it’s best you know the information is here, just in case.

Pharmacy in Carera Street Rovinj

Medical care in Rovinj is generally handled through the Tourist Medical Centre and the Emergency Clinic can be contacted 24 hours a day.

Emergency Clinic Contact Details

Here are the contact details for the Emergency Clinic:

Tourist Medical Center

Istarska Street bb 52210, Rovinj

Telephone: +385 52 813 513

Treatment Costs

If your home country has an arrangement with Croatia, the cost for any tourist medical treatment will be paid directly by your home country and you will not have to pay anything yourself. It would be highly recommended that you check this before leaving for your vacation.

If no such arrangement exists, a price list is usually displayed and shows prices for a range of general procedures.

Treatment Centres & Pharmacies

DIC – Dental Implant Centre Matteo Benussi 5, 52210, Rovinj Dental Implant Centre Dental Clinic
Adriatic Dent Istarska ul. 18, 52210, Rovinj Dental Clinic Dental Clinic
H-Dent d.o.o. Ul. Andree Amorosa, 52210, Rovinj Dental Clinic Dental Clinic
Dr.Rigo Dental Clinic 10, Ul. Marca della Pietra, 52210, Rovinj Dental Clinic Dental Clinic
BOLNICA O I R Braze Brajkovi bb, 52210, Rovinj General Hospital Hospital
Health Centre Ul. Vijenac Braće Lorenzetto 4, 52210, Rovinj, Croatia Rovinj Health Centre Health Centre
Pharmacy ljekarna Carrera- Rovinj Carrera 22A, 52210, Rovinj Pharmacy Pharmacy
Farmacon Carera ul. 30, 52210, Rovinj Pharmacy Pharmacy
Piazza Lago Trg na lokvi 2, 52210, Rovinj Pharmacy Pharmacy
Pharmacy Ul. Mattea Benussia, 52210, Rovinj Open until 8:00 PM Pharmacy
Ljekarna Sv. Vid Istarska bb, 52210, Rovinj Pharmacy Pharmacy
Pharmacy ljekarna Valbruna-Rovinj Ul. Tina Ujevi?a 8, 52210, Rovinj Pharmacy Pharmacy

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